Facility Rentals

Thank you kindly for your interest in renting the Halifax Brewery Market space! The Brewery Courtyards, Pu'Talieway Room, and the Halifax Room Kitchen are all available for rent outside of market hours.

          Brewery Courtyards       100$/hour       715 Guests      (Larger Events)
          Pu'Talieway Room          50$/hour         275 Guests      (Smaller Events, Dinners, & Workshops)
          * NFP Rates available

Important Details
   ✓ Our facilities include Waste Diversion & Waste Removal included in rental fee.
   ✓ Our facilities include wheelchair accessible entrances, wheelchair accessible washrooms and gender neutral washrooms.

           We'd be happy to provide more information on our safer space's accessibility.
   ✓ We are happy to arrange catering & vendors through our list of preferred & professional suppliers.
   ✓ All music (recorded or live) must be acoustic (not amplified).
   ✓ The Brewery Market is a public space, the only private event area is the Pu'Talieway Room.
   ✓ We are happy to provided equipment, furnishings and event rental coordination at an additional cost.
   ✓ Renters must provide proof of General Liability Insurance & any permits required by law (food, alcohol, special events)


Please fill out the short form below to tell us more about your event! 


Wholesale Hour 7am - 8am

Farmers Market 8am - 1pm

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