Weekly Update ☀️ NEW Subscription Option for Brewery Boxes!

It's Wednesday and the sun is shining, oh and phase 3 starts today! ☀️ All of our regular COVID-19 safety precautions will remain in place however, it does mean that we can safely increase our capacity, and welcome buskers back to the market! Keep reading to find out more about Brewery Box Subscriptions, the return of our lunch program Brewery Bites, what's in season, and more!

Brewery Box Subscriptions

After hearing your feedback and navigating our POS system, we finally have a Subscription Service available to pre-order your Brewery Boxes weeks in advance without the hassle of ordering each and every week!

Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly produce? We've got you covered!

Click the link below and choose a subscription on a timeline suitable for you. Pick up Saturdays at 1496 Lower Water Street in the exit hallway of the market.


6 free-run eggs | Oakview Farms

Cucumber | Pickford Family Farm

Sunflower Sprouts | Four Seasons

Edamame Salad | Satisfaction Feast

Hakurei Turnips | Tebogt Farms

Apples | Hutten Family Farms

Baguette | Boulangerie la Vendéene

*orders close tomorrow at 11am!


SATURDAY JULY 3rd, 9am -11am

  • Pick up at 1496 Lower Water Street in the exit hallway of the market.

  • Delivery will arrive between 9am-11am on Saturday. The driver will ring twice. If there is no answer, they'll leave the order on your doorstep.

  • To purchase other items from the Neighbourhood Goods Store, please make a separate order.

Neighbourhood Goods Store Hours

For the rest of the summer, here are the NEW Neighbourhood Goods Store hours. Shop in person, or online!

SUNDAY 10am - 2pm


TUESDAY 10am - 2pm

WEDNESDAY 10am - 2pm

THURSDAY 10am - 6pm *closed July 1

FRIDAY 10am - 6pm

SATURDAY 7:30am - 1:30pm


Starting next Wednesday, we are resuming our lunch program Brewery Bites! Enjoy lunch from the market throughout the week from 10am-2pm on Wednesdays. Up first we have Eeyaa Fusion Indian Street Food preparing handmade samosas. Each order comes with 2 samosas, one Paneer samosa and one Aloo.


Summer is here! Unless it's sold out, you can expect to find the following 'treats' at the market this weekend and at the Neighbourhood Goods Store (in addition to our spring favourites).

  • Strawberries 🍓

  • Broccoli 🌳

  • Snow Peas 🍃

  • Green Onion 🌾

  • Garlic 🍙

  • Sweet Potatoes 🍠

  • New Carrots 🍂

  • New Potatoes 🌰

  • Asparagus 🌱

  • Rhubarb 🎋

  • GREENS! 🌿