Margaret's Pierogies

Permanent/Casual/Seasonal Vendor

Homemade precooked fresh or frozen pierogies and cabbage rolls, eastern European soups like lime beans soup, cabbage soup, barley soup, white borsch, Letcho stew and Hunter's stew.

I began in Halifax using my recipe by making pierogies for Multicultural Festivals through my involvement with the Polish Association. Word quickly spread of my pierogies, and I began selling them outside of the annual event every week to new customers through word of mouth. Finally, I decided to expose an even larger audience, and after my husband retired, we decided to sell pierogies on Keith's Farmer Market. Thank you for taking an interest.

We are selling homemade precooked fresh or frozen pierogies and cabbage rolls:

  • $9.00 for 12 frozen pierogies

  • $6.00 for 6 fresh pierogies

  • A plate of 6 pierogies fried with sour cream for $7.00

  • One cabbage roll with choice of mushroom or tomato sauce for $4.00. 

Choice of pierogies: 

  • potatoes and cottage cheese

  • potatoes and cheddar cheese

  • potato and cheddar cheese spicy 

  • potatoes cheddar cheese and bacon

  • sauerkraut and mushrooms

  • blueberries

  • pierogies with meat.

The cabbage rolls are with rice and beef or vegan with rice, kasha and mushrooms.

Pre-Order Information

Contact Margaret and George by phone or email for pre-orders.


Margaret's Pierogies

Margaret and George
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